Fertility Coaching

I am a 4-time IVF “survivor” and now a proud mama to a 6 years old boy.
During my fertility journey, I was frustrated, angry, confused, and lonely. After the second unsuccessful round of IVF I started to factor myself into the treatment plan : what can i do to take charge and improve the protocol ?
This is how i found that diet is a game changer in fertiility treatment success, and so is mindset.
I can offer practicial guidance and teach positive mindset strategies.
I will help you maximize your diet, how our mind is working and how we are managing our stress responses in our body,
I can help you feel empowered, and give you greater perspective,

I will look after you spiritually and emotionally.
And yes, you will hold that baby into your arms


Coaching sessions are available for individuals, corporations, families, schools, groups… no matter where you are in the world, done live or over phone, email, and skype. programs are tailored to your goals and needs, and ensure results.