I am a 4-time IVF “survivor” and now a proud mama to a 6 years old boy.
During my fertility journey, I was frustrated, angry, confused, and lonely. After the second unsuccessful round of IVF I started to factor myself into the treatment plan : what can i do to take charge and improve the protocol ?
This is how i found that diet is a game changer in fertiility treatment success, and so is mindset.
I can offer practicial guidance and teach positive mindset strategies.
I will help you maximize your diet, how our mind is working and how we are managing our stress responses in our body,
I can help you feel empowered, and give you greater perspective,

I will look after you spiritually and emotionally.
And yes, you will hold that baby into your arms

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About me

I empower moms to support their families so that they can nourish themselves and establish healthy foundations for their children through nutrition, education, and family culture.