Kids Nutrition

I have a special interest in children’s cognitive development. I have worked with many families with symptoms ranging from eczema, anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder to autism.
I work to support you and your family from the first point of contact until either your childs’ health issue has healed or you feel confident and empowered in your new found understanding of your childs’ health needs and how to heal your child. I deliver a personalised eating & supplementation plan designed around your childs’ nutritional needs and deficiencies – designed to optimise cognitive development, digestive health and mood. I also recommend lifestyle changes in order to minimise toxicity in the childs’ system while healing is taking place. During our first session we will discuss your concerns regarding your childs health and development, and look at your childs’ health history in full, including any illnesses and medication taken. This usually takes around 1.5 hours as in my experience parents’ have a lot of useful information to share about their childs’ health – which will be key information in creating your childs’ Individualised Health Programme along with information from the food sensitivity test, which is done during the first session.


Coaching sessions are available for individuals, corporations, families, schools, groups… no matter where you are in the world, done live or over phone, email, and skype. programs are tailored to your goals and needs, and ensure results.