Low Tox Coach

Well, low-tox is about removing as many toxic chemicals from your life as possible so your body can operate efficiently.

Toxins are everywhere.

in the last 70 years, over 45,000 chemicals have been man invented and many of those are in our food, on our skin and throughout our homes and offices. We’re overloaded and our bodies are getting more and more sluggish as time goes on – they’re literally fed up!

If you are overweight, have hormone imbalances, suffer from an autoimmune condition, or are fighting cancer, the toxic chemicals you come into contact with every day may be a contributing factor. Sure there are other factors that come into play with all these conditions but when you’re struggling with any health condition, toxins can greatly impact your body’s ability to heal. They may even be enough to tip your body from a state of health to a state of sickness and disease. I support parents (and their kids) in navigating environmental toxin exposure. How toxins affect children specifically, how to become more literate in what you can do to support your child’s health day to day through safe home remedies, how you can shop across personal care, toys, clothing and household items to ensure their toxin exposure is minimal.If we work towards creating a low-tox home, we can improve our health, protect our families, and ultimately, save the planet.

Cleaning Products
Laundry Room Products
Inside Air Quality
Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) & Dirty Electricity

Other Household Concerns:
Home Decor, Lighting, Home Office

Water Filtration
Food Packaging
Processed Foods 
Produce – Pesticides, Organics, and GMO’s
Animal Products – Hormones, Antibiotics, Labels
Cookware, Bakeware, & Food Storage

Personal Care Products
Cosmetics & Perfumes

Mattresses, Bedding, Etc.
And so much more!


Coaching sessions are available for individuals, corporations, families, schools, groups… no matter where you are in the world, done live or over phone, email, and skype. programs are tailored to your goals and needs, and ensure results.