Comment votre lessive perturbe votre équilibre hormonal et vous fait prendre du poids

Quels ingrédients problématiques contient votre lessive ? 1/ Du Sodium Laureth Sulfate, également connu sous le nom de SLS. Le SLS est utilisé comme pesticide et herbicide dans l’agriculture et constitue un des principaux polluant de l’eau. Car oui, malheureusement, il faut avoir conscience du fait que lorsque l’on lave nos vêtements avec une lessive toxique, […]

LE SUCRE, la poudre blanche légale

Les différents noms du sucre Liste non exhaustive d’appellations pour le sucre ajouté aux produits transformés. Caramel* Dextran Dextrose Diastase Éthyl-maltol Extrait sec de glucose Extrait sec de sirop de maïs Fructose cristallin* Fructose* Galactose Glucose Golden syrup* Jus de canne à sucre cristallisé* Jus de fruits concentré* Jus de fruits* Lactose Malt d’orge Malt […]

Body Carce carcinogenic

When we lather up in the shower or apply skin cream to our face, we think we are using something that is healthy for us. Or at least safe. So for many of us, it would come as a shock to realize some of the most toxic chemicals in our homes, just dripping with known […]

Binge eating

I often see people offering up techniques to battle binge urges. I’d like to pose a new question: “How can we eliminate binge urges *without* a battle?” Even well-meaning coaches and other professionals perpetuate this idea that ending binge eating needs to be some kind of fight. I see it in the language people use […]


🌞☀️🌞with weather heating up, it’s really important that you avoid ingredients such as PEG, phenoxyethanol and oxybenzone when making sunscreen choices: ✖️✖️✖️polyethylene glycol (PEG) is found in bath self-care items, hand soap, cosmetics, and baby sunscreen. classified as “expected to be toxic or harmful” by the Canadian government. ✖️✖️✖️phenoxyethanol is commonly found in baby wipes + cosmetics. […]


Do you love yourself enough? ❤️ The way you love yourself is the way the rest of the world loves you. And this is key to success in many areas of life. We need to put ourselves first and attend our own needs before pleasing others. In case you haven’t, here’s an easy exercise that […]