🌞☀️🌞with weather heating up, it’s really important that you avoid ingredients such as PEG, phenoxyethanol and oxybenzone when making sunscreen choices:
✖️✖️✖️polyethylene glycol (PEG) is found in bath self-care items, hand soap, cosmetics, and baby sunscreen. classified as “expected to be toxic or harmful” by the Canadian government.
✖️✖️✖️phenoxyethanol is commonly found in baby wipes + cosmetics. known to cause dermatitis and urticaria (hives) and can have adverse effects on the central and peripheral nervous systems.
✖️✖️✖️oxybenzone is commonly found in sunscreen and guess what – it’s known to INCREASE free radicals from UV light (GO FIGURE). it’s also a photoallergen meaning it causes allergic reactions when combined with LIGHT. further, it’s an endocrine (hormone) disruptor and decreases birthweight in vitro.
i am still looking into zinc oxide, but from what i’ve found, it’s best to find non-nano zinc oxide. when combined with UV rays from the sun, zinc oxide oxidizes which creates free radicals.
the best thing you can do is limit sun exposure, wear protective clothing, and stay out of the sun between 10a and 4p.
but remember, sun is healthy and necessary and so make sure you’re getting outside!


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