Do you love yourself enough? ❤️
The way you love yourself is the way the rest of the world loves you. And this is key to success in many areas of life. We need to put ourselves first and attend our own needs before pleasing others.
In case you haven’t, here’s an easy exercise that I got from Louise Hay and her mirror exercises to start loving yourself:
Everyday when you look at the mirror notice something on you that you like and praise yourself for it.
Often we tend to notice all those things on us that we are not happy with, like “I’m too old, I’m too tall, too short, my skin is awful….” you name it. But what if we do the opposite?, like find the one thing you love about yourself and say kind words about it, like my hair is beautiful, I love my skin completion, eyes, smile, and so on.
Do this every day and soon you’ll be finding more things on you that you love. And yes keep praising yourself for them. Believe me, this can be life changing. I used to be a hater of myself, and it all changed when I started to do this.

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